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Volunteer by PAC Event

Volunteering within the PAC group is a rewarding way to get involved, meet other Cannon families, and to make a difference in the life of your child. PAC's four organizations offer many volunteer opportunities. Parent support and involvement in PAC demonstrates your commitment to Cannon and, in particular, our students. All parents are encouraged to volunteer.

The calendar below shows the dates for the PAC events requiring volunteers, including home athletic games, concerts, book fairs, cultural events, and more. To volunteer or to get additional details, click the name of the event. (Please note: if viewing on a mobile phone, click the calendar date to view any events planned for that date, and then click the volunteer link.)
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Volunteer by PAC Group


Volunteer with Cannon Cultures

Do you have the desire to share your heritage through art, cooking, or story telling? Can you donote items that would help share different cultures and heritages with our community? If so, please use this link to view the current volunteer and heritage-collection needs of Cannon Cultures.

Volunteer with Cougar Athletic Club

Do you love to be out at the ball games, cheering on your Cannon Cougars? If so, please use this link to sign up to volunteer at a home game!

Volunteer with CAFTA

Do you have a passion for the arts? If so, use this link to volunteer for an arts-related event and become an advocate for the arts!

Volunteer with Cannon Connections

Do you love planning events, decorating, or helping out in the classroom? Cannon Connections has many volunteer opportunites for you! For volunteer information, please contact Mandee Moore.

General PAC Volunteer Interest

Use this online form to indicate your interest in volunteering with any PAC group, as needs arise and as you are available.
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