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Connect Camp Cannon 2017.  We will have even more exciting camps to choose from in The Arts & Academics, SciTech, Sports, and College Prep for ages 3 to 18. Camp Cannon's programs are open to all private, public, and homeshooled children. Camps run from June 5 to July 28, 2017 with the exception of the week of July 3.

Camps are individual enrichment or sport sessions, half day (Morning=9 am-12 pm or Afternoon=1-4 pm) or full day (9am-4pm). For those campers who need early care and/or late care, we have options for 7:30-9:00 ($40) or 8:00-9:00 ($30) and 4:00-5:00 ($30) or 4:00-5:30 ($40). Campers may select a morning camp and an afternoon camp and stay with us during the lunch break (12-1pm) at no additional charge.

The 2017 Camp Cannon Brochure can be viewed as a pdf (see sidebar) or you may request a brochure be mailed to your home by emailing The 2017 Camp Overview is updated as camps change. Please note Roman numerals (I, II, etc) denote camp week, not skill level. The camps are the same.

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Marcia Brashear                                                                          
Camp Cannon Director                                                            

Paul Borowicz
Assistant Camp Cannon Director

Registration Information

Registration for Camp Cannon 2017 is open. Campers may register through the Thursday before a camp starts for open sessions. Please be sure to check "Important Camp Updates" below before registering.

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  • Important Camp Updates - Full and Canceled Camps, Announcements

    Important Updates
    Campfire Stores: Has moved from Week 1 PM to Week 3 AM camp and ages have changed to 4-7.
    Cheer Perfection:
    Ages have changed to 5-10.
    Drama: The Lumpy Mattress: Ages have changed to 6-11.
    Dance Your Way to Broadway: Nora Levin will be teaching this session.
    Dance Thru The Pages: Lindsy Wagner will be teaching this session.
    Football Skills: Middle School Football Coach Joe Trojan will be teaching this session. Ages have changes to 9-14.
    Soccer Skills: Ages have changed to 6-14.
    Super Sports Sampler IV: Coach Judy Campbell will be teaching this session
    Tennis Skills I, II, III: Cannon's Varsity Tennis Coach Fainter will be teaching these sessions.
    Tumble & Roll: Ages have changed to 5-10.

    Full Camps:
    Full camps are listed below along with alternatives when applicable. Please note that you can be placed on the waiting list for full camps. To find out where your child is on the waiting list, you are welcome to call 704-721-7198.

    Week 1
    Adventure Camp I
    College Essay Boot Camp I (See Small Group Essay Sessions)
    Jr. Cooking I
    Science in The Forest (See Fizz, Bubble & Goo)
    Secret Agent (See CSI: Crime Scene)
    Tennis Skills I (See Session II or III)

    Week 2
    Adventure Camp II
    Animals Alive
    Earth Science Adventures (Mini Engineer or Push, Pull & Lift)
    Junior Sculptors (See Artful Adventures)
    Storytellers: Draw a Story (See Campfire Stories)
    Veterinary Science I 

    Week 3
    College Essay Boot Camp II (See Small Group Essay I, II, or III)
    Intoduction to Robots
    Jr. Cooking II 
    Jr. Safari Adventures (See Campfire Stories, ages 4-7, now in this time slot)
    Silly Scientist (See Campfire Stories, now in this time slot)
    Veterinary Science II

    Week 4
    Cheer Perfection (See Dance Thru The Pages)
    Flight School (See Passport to Concord)
    Harry Potter Mystery Tour
    Jr. Cougar Cheer (See Dance Thru the Pages or Fairy Tale Fun)
    Lights, Camera, Action II (3D Character Animation)
    Mini Enginner (See Push, Pull & Lift)
    Paying It Foward I 
    Princeton Review SAT Prep (See ACT Prep)

    Week 5
    College Essay Boot Camp III (See Small Group Essay Sessions)
    Creative Clicks: Digital Photography 
    Golf Acdemy II (Session Session I (week 4) or Soccer Skills (ages 6-14))
    See Life Exploration I (See American Girl II)

    Week 6
    Chemical Magic & More (See Fizz, Bubble & Goo)
    Get Ready for MS Math 
    Princess Tea Party (See Fairy Tale Fun)
    Sea Life Exploration II (See Rocks to Roller Coasters)
    Small Group Essay I (See Sessions II & III)

    Week 7
    Athena's Path 
    DaVinci Inventions (Rockets to Roller Coasters)
    Fishing Foray
    Jump Start to Reading & Math
    Make It & Take It Home (See DaVinci Inventions)
    Small Group Essay (See Session II or III)

    Canceled Camps:
    Canceled camps are listed below.

    Week 1
    Campfire Stories (moved to Week 3 AM)
    Puppets on a String (See UpCycling Artist)

    Week 2
    Creative Writing: Dystopia Explored (See Mystery Writing Workshop, Creative Writing in Nature, or Journalism for Print)
    GEMS: Girls Exceling in Math & Science 

    Week 3
    Dance Thru The Decades (See Tumble Fliptastic)

    Week 4
    Improv Workshop (See Drama or Musical Theater camps)

    Week 5
    Prepared. Confident. Hired.
    Super Sports Sampler (See Soccer Skills)

    Week 6

    Week 7
    Jump Start to Spanish

Camp Cannon Mission Statement

Camp Cannon strives to provide the community with fun and enriching summer programs that promote personal growth and instill a lifelong love of learning in a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment.
Some quotes from our 2016 families when asked to share a memorable experience:

“He truly had a wonderful time at all of the camps that he attended. He loved meeting new friends and loved the nature walk that they did in LEGO camp.” (LEGO: Fun with Animals)

 “As a parent, I was most impressed at the end of the week by the drastic difference in writing/drawing capabilities of my daughter from Campfire Stories camp!” (Campfire Stories)

“Picking our daughter up each day and hearing how excited she was to tell us about everything that happened that day.”
“We love Camp Cannon! Great camp offerings and excellent coaches/counselors.”

 “My children’s favorite experience from camp… was the service learning.” (Paying It Forward)

“Each day having my daughter get in the car and talk about her special relationship with the instructors and junior counselors.”

“He was thrilled to create his own mods. On a scale of 1-10, he said it was a 10.” (Mod Design-Java Programming)

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