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Visual Arts

Lower School Visual Art

Beginning in junior kindergarten, children are exposed to the elements and principles of art in two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects and are taught through verbal, visual, and tactile means. Instruction is centered around a choice-based model in which students think and work like artists, and are given the autonomy to plan and create their own art. Through brief lessons on art history, technique, and a wide variety of materials, students are taught how to find ideas that interest them, and are then given ample opportunity to work on them responsibly, at their own pace, and at their own level. Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials including: drawing, painting, collage, paper sculpture, clay and fiber art.

An Art Appreciation Program prepared by parent volunteers provides additional exposure to masterpieces and other works of art.

Lower School Student Gallery

Middle School Visual Art

The Middle School program builds the foundation for self-expression and art appreciation through the use and understanding of the elements and principles of art and design. Middle School students have the opportunity to build upon the choice-based model from Lower School, finding their artistic passion and discovering their individuality. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums in the context of drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture.

Fifth and sixth grade classes are quarter-long and meet in rotation with other arts disciplines. Seventh and eighth grade classes are yearlong.

Middle School Student Gallery

Upper School Studio Arts

Our Upper School studio arts courses are student-driven, supporting our students in their quest to achieve greater individuality, diversity, and sophistication in the process of making art. The art studio is a place of examination and exploration. We work with a variety of media, determining how each functions and in what ways each best conveys visual information. Through hands-on discovery students begin to develop an individual voice, and find, not only how to be strong artists, but how to be deep thinkers and sophisticated communicators. Students work within the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital painting and illustration.

Courses include: Visual Foundations, Studio Arts 1, Studio Arts 2, AP Studio Art – 2D Design, 3D Design, or Drawing.

Upper School Media Arts

The Media Arts program introduces the students to commercial art practices – graphic design, commercial illustration, photo manipulation, and video production. Students learn to hone their visual communication skills, gaining an understanding of planning, production, editing, and sophisticated use of digital media. Upper level coursework incorporates real-world practice producing content for local non-profits.

Courses include: Visual Foundations, Media Arts 1, Media Arts 2, Media Productions, Media Arts Senior Seminar.

Upper School Student Gallery

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