Visual Arts & Dance

Cannon School Visual Arts Philosophy

There is an inner artist within all of us. This premise forms the foundation of our curriculum. We allow the students to make real choices about the shape their learning takes and by tapping into their individual interests, we help them to cultivate their personal voice. Our students learn to be strong visual communicators and find a real passion for making art.

Cannon School Dance Philosophy

World renowned choreographer Martha Graham once said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul." Recognizing dance as a language is the basis for the Cannon School Dance Department curriculum. Students are provided with the skills, confidence, and tools necessary to use and recognize dance as a way to communicate. They are empowered to use movement to express themselves, impact others, provide entertainment, and much more.

Students learn the fundamentals of dance and develop a movement vocabulary that is rooted in technique but still unique to them. This vocabulary is the foundation that we use to guide them through the creative process and help them discover the endless possibilities that the art of dance provides as a mode of communication. Regardless, if they choose to further their dance education beyond Cannon School or simply take advantage of the classroom experience while here, our goal is to make sure that our students have experience speaking the language of dance as an observer, a creator, and a performer.

Visual Arts & Dance Faculty

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