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located in Concord, North Carolina

The Cannon School Fine Arts Program

The Cannon School Fine Arts Department prides itself on being a leader among the area's independent schools. By offering a comprehensive program featuring band, chorus, strings, theater, and visual art, we enable our students to make choices based on their passion and explore all the many ways that one can express themselves through the arts. Our programs are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of the student at their various levels of developmental readiness. We strive to make sure that young learners are exposed to a wide variety of art forms and given the opportunity launch their own discovery process through guided exploration of each one.

As students advance in each program, their passions are fed by classes that not only encourage creativity, but also risk-taking, synthesis, reflection, and curiosity. Each of these traits carry over into every other area of a young person's existence, and they are the very skills that will enable Cannon School students to contribute meaningfully to today's ever-changing global society.

The Arts in Middle School

Cannon School believes middle school students deserve a synergy of arts experiences as a way to foster multi-dimensional people, to provide students opportunities to explore and develop their own humanity, and for students to develop an independent artistic vision. Students are exposed to more than one art form as they are discovering who they are. This approach acknowledges that middle school students need choice as they have rapidly changing interests and ever-changing motivational levels. With a diverse exposure to many art forms, students and faculty grow together in many ways. Students rotate between their primary arts selection (band, chorus, strings, theater, and visual art) and an arts exploration class.

The Arts in Upper School

Fine arts are considered an integral part of a Cannon School education. Upper School students are required to take two year-long arts courses to fulfill graduation requirements. However, students are encouraged to take as many fine arts electives as ability, interest, and academic load will allow. Upper School students have a wide selection of courses from which to choose, including strings ensemble, jazz ensemble, concert band, chorus, music technology, theater production, acting, studio art, and media arts.

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