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At Cannon School, we believe in fostering a lifelong love of learning supported through the habits of adaptive expertise. In kindergarten, we focus and guide students to become confident communicators while being self-reliant and self-governing. We offer a challenging, caring, and motivating environment where students can grow and mature intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Daily lessons include individual, whole, and small group learning. The goal we have for our students is that they arrive to school each day excited to be fully engaged in the experience of learning at their individual developmental level. Cocurricular classes of music, art, computer, science, library, guidance, and physical education complement our curriculum. The kindergarten year is one of tremendous growth, and educating the whole child is our primary focus.

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  • Art

    The kindergarten art program continues to introduce the students to the basics of art with the recognition of individual self-expression. Techniques of drawing, painting, printing, and clay making are taught to increase confidence and comfort with a variety of materials. Examination of art throughout history is also integrated into the art curriculum.
  • Computers

    Technology is integrated into classroom curriculum units to promote information literacy, creative work, and critical thinking. Students complete computer projects that enhance the overall learning experience. Beginning in kindergarten, students combine pictures and text using graphic organizer software. They are introduced to computer drawing and graphics skills. Students also use quality learning software appropriate to their developmental level in the areas of literacy and reading, and in math and problem solving.

    An information literacy curriculum is used in the Lower School that emphasizes comprehension, communication, organization, and research skills. This program helps students increase their sophistication levels in currently available technology, but also incorporates "learning to learn" in a way that will transfer to the technology tools of the future.
  • Language Arts

    The kindergarten literacy program begins a solid foundation on which reading skills are based. Enhancing phonemic awareness and development of letter-sound recognition, students learn to decode and encode initial words. Students also develop beginning sight vocabulary through guided reading activities which allow teachers to expose students to text through small-group instruction and explicit teaching. Reading strategies and comprehension are taught through leveled readers. Handwriting skills continue to be developed systematically and students have a variety of opportunities to write at their developmental level.
  • Library

    The love for books and reading continues to be cultivated throughout the kindergarten year. Our kindergarteners explore diversity through literature, learn how to compare and contrast different versions of stories, and learn to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction. Kindergarteners begin learning basic research skills, becoming familiar with the library as a primary source of materials. The foundation for proper use of resources is reinforced extensively during their kindergarten year.
  • Math

    Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through fourth grade, students explore important math concepts through the program Everyday Math. Patterns, graphs, counting (by ones, tens, fives, and twos to 100), and money are introduced and are accompanied by the use of manipulatives and a consistent vocabulary. Concepts such as adding on, more than, less than, and fractions build incrementally throughout the year. Skill development and practical application occur in whole group and in center activities.
  • Music

    In music, kindergarten students are encouraged to sing in unison as well as individually and to recognize differences in pitch, timbre, tempo, mood, and dynamics. Expression of the beat and the playing of simple rhythm patterns on the Orff instruments and classroom percussion increases the understanding of beat and rhythm. Emphasis is placed on helping each student experience the confidence and enjoyment of producing music vocally and instrumentally as well as moving and listening to many different kinds of music. Basic musical concepts are introduced using songs, chants, circle games, ostinato patterns, and exercises designed to begin developing reading and writing skills. The methodology of Carl Orff plays a major role in this program, helping each student relate to music in a natural, child-centered way. Kindergarten students perform at their Christmas concert in December and at their Kindergarten Honors Night in the spring.
  • Physical Education

    In kindergarten, our students fine tune their locomotor skills by increasing the intensity of their play from that of the junior kindergarten level. Students improve hand/eye coordination through throwing and catching skills, jump rope, parachute fun, beach ball, and bean bag games. As we continue to improve coordination and fine motor control, students progress to such activities as rock climbing, gymnastics and tumbling, as well as basketball drills. While all of this sounds like a lot of fun (and it is!), it is through these varying exercises that we nurture the gross motor development of each child.
  • Science

    Kindergarteners work on developing the scientific skills of measuring, observing, and journaling. They study seasons and weather and how they affect people and animals. Students then study the sun, heat, and their importance in our environment. They have hands-on experiences in a wonderful creek located in the woods directly behind our Cannon Lower School.

Classroom Teachers

Jenna Casper
Kindergarten Teacher
Vanessa Lynch
Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Jennifer Young
Kindergarten Teacher
Kay Craven
Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Jennifer Ridenhour
Kindergarten Teacher
Cate Davis
Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Co-Curricular Teachers

Jennifer Calvert

Judy Campbell
Physical Education

Kelvin Drakeford
Physical Education

Barb Falkenbury
Reading Specialist

Krista Johns

Jaimee Mendrinos
Media Specialist
Aimée Pfitzner

Brandon Powers

Kathie Riley
Computer Science

Tracy Wade
Learning Specialist

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