Welcome to Cannon School's College Counseling Center

Cannon School's College Counseling Department offers parents and students extensive advising in preparation for the entire college admission process. Guidance in preparing for college, finding the right college fit, locating summer enrichment and gap year opportunities, understanding college admission, and learning about financial aid and scholarships are topics covered throughout the four-year program.
Please visit the following pages for more information about successfully navigating the college planning process.


Please visit the College Counseling Overview webpage for an overview of each Cannon student's four-year college admissions process.

College Planning

For more information on the college planning process, please visit College Counseling's Haiku Page.

Information for College Representatives

College representatives are encouraged to visit this page 
for information about scheduling a visit to Cannon School.

College Counseling Twitter @cannon2future

College Counseling Staff

Anne Shandley
Director of College Counseling
University of Tulsa - B.S.
University of Memphis - M.S.

Amelia Mann
Associate Director of College Counseling
Appalachian State University - B.S.
College of William and Mary - M.Ed.

Alex Segura
Associate Director of College Counseling
Carson Newman College - B.A.
Troy University - M.A.

Kristin McClanahan
College Counselor
Miami University - B.S.
Miami University - M.S.

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