Middle School Theater Classes

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  • Musical Theater

    In this course we will study the history of musical theater as well as exploring the legends of both Broadway stage and the Golden Era of the Hollywood musical. We will view scenes from musicals, discuss the historical and theatrical significance of musicals. The culminating product of the class will be a showcase of musical theater performances prepared by the students.
  • Theater from Scratch

    Because theater transports the audience to other places there is a belief that it is magic. It is not. Theater is actually a process involving work and introspection by the actor. In this class, we will create a play from the ground up. Students will learn how to collaborate quickly and draw from personal experience in order to creatively write, design, and perform an engaging play.
  • Public Speaking

    As students progress through Cannon and beyond, the art of public speaking is one of the most important skills to practice and explore. With Cornerstones, Capstones, oral reports, college and job interviews on the horizon, students will practice public speaking through a variety of exercises, games, and speeches.

Upper School Theater Classes

List of 3 items.

  • Acting

    Full year, no prerequisite. This class develops the basic tools of the actor: voice, body and imagination. Through exercises, monologues and scene study from modern, realistic plays, students explore a variety of approaches to the craft of acting. This is a performance class with some memorization work which must be completed outside of class.
  • Advanced Theater Studies

    Prerequisite: Acting or Stagecraft or permission of instructor.

    This class provides theater students with the opportunity to take their skills to a new level. The curriculum is individuated to each student’s interest in acting, directing, technical theater, or any combination.

    *Students who wish to continue developing their skills after taking Advanced Theater Studies, may re-enroll, in which case the course will appear as Advanced Theater Studies II on their transcript when taken a second year.
  • Cannon Theater Company

    Cannon Theater Company (CTC) gives Upper School students the opportunity to experience all aspects of theater; auditioning, rehearsing, acting, audio/visual tech, set building, and directing. Productions are open to the public. Please visit the Theater Productions webpage for information about this year's productions.

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