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Transcript for Hope in the Hallways: Trailer

Introducing Hope in the Hallways with Christopher Jones

[00:00:00] Can you tell I'm nervous? You can, can't you?

[00:00:03] My name's Christopher Jones. I'm the Head of School at Cannon School.

[00:00:09] Well, we hope this podcast is about hope. We hope we are giving parents, people who care about our future, our community, a view of school in a way that gives people hope.

[00:00:28] we're calling this show hope in the hallway. The idea that, these are conversations for a caring and courageous, community.

[00:00:35] So our first core value is courage, which is, really defined as, understanding and taking risks. And I guess that's exactly what we're doing here, right? I mean, we're, we're trying to do something new. That we hope is responsive to our audience I think this gives people an opportunity to see the heart, and soul of, you know, who's steering the ship.

[00:00:58] Cannon School is a, independent private school in Concord, North Carolina. We serve, students all the way through 12th grade. We have just shy of 1050 kids on this campus. And our mission every day is to nurture relationships at the heart of learning and engage our learners on their unique journeys of growth.

[00:01:25] And we do that through a robust, college preparatory program, that focuses on, an educational philosophy. We call adaptive expertise. This is the idea that. Any number of problems known and unknown are gonna be presented to us in our lives and, and our job, as members of any community, as citizens as, humans in the world is to be in a position to respond to and deal with. Those things that present to us, no matter what those problems are.

[00:01:55] Cannon is built on the idea that relationships are the key. To anyone's learning. We, we just believe that philosophically that if someone is really gonna go on a journey of growth and they're really going to be open to change, being open to growing that they have to do that in a caring.

[00:02:15] Safe welcoming, strong community of fellow journeymen fellow learners. And we try and live that every single day. And I, I kind of want our parents to hear from. The folks that are trying to do that work on a daily basis in a longer form way than they might get to on a say back to school night or during a conversation about their particular child or.

[00:02:43] A particular issue that they're working through, they should have an opportunity to hear how our folks think about doing that work and how it lives in their professional lives on a daily basis.

[00:02:56] So we're looking first and foremost, we're looking at parts of our community and saying, you know, where, where is something caring? Where is something courageous? Where is something meaningful happening in our community and who, who are people who are representing that kind of care and that kind of courage how has Cannon played a role in what it is that they're. Accomplishing every day or participating in every day. So we're looking internally to educators, to alum.

[00:03:25] Maybe even some students somebody's given me the idea that we should get a group of lower school students together and, and talk a little bit about their experience and what, what it means to be a kid here at Cannon. we're not perfect, but I think we are a community that really cares for one another and cares about what we're trying to do for kids in a way that's special.

[00:03:47] And we should feel comfortable and confident in sharing that story with people because it's a, it's a community that people. Who are a part of can feel some confidence and pride that they're a part of it. And we should share that with people.

[00:04:05] Hope in the Hallways coming your way fall of 2022, follow along wherever you get your podcasts.