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Upper School Student Life

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Cannon Upper School Advisory serves as the foundation for our vibrant Student Life curriculum. At Cannon School, students are grouped into an Advisory comprised of that same grade and gender and paired with an Advisor for all four years. Students will also have the same Dean and College Counselor for their whole high school experience. This helps us focus on knowing our students and their families.

Student Life Themes

Our Student Life Program is a four year curriculum delivered through Advisory, College planning, community meetings, summer reading, and other events. We focus on a variety of topics from health and safety to self-awareness and being adaptive. Each year has a specific theme:

Freshmen: Responsibility
Sophomores: Balance
Juniors: Ownership
Seniors: Awareness

Student Council

As part of Cannon Upper School Student Council, students share their time, gifts and talents in service to our Cannon community, our neighbors in Concord and the global community. Student council members provide special events that promote school spirit and support our academic standards. The Student Council works closely with students, faculty and administration to lead community meetings and to report student council activities to the student body. The Officers include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Director. The Executive Board consists of elected officers, class representatives, and Student Council Faculty Advisors.

Honor Code and Honor Council

Honor as a way of life is important to all members of our community. Our community pledges each year to always tell the truth, to always respect the property of others, and to do all of our own work. In situations where a student may behave dishonorably, a group of elected students, known as the Honor Council, listens to the situation and adjudicates the matter.

Upper School Student Life Vision Statement

Our passion is to know our students, to create an unforgettable high school experience, to celebrate student achievement, and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.


We want our students to pursue their passions. The diversity of clubs at Cannon allows our students to do just that. We have a rich club life, ranging from the significant such as our Affinity Groups, the fun and adventurous like our Star Wars Club, to our service-based clubs such as Habitat Club. Our student-led, faculty-supported clubs meet on a regular basis both during and after school hours and offer our student body the chance to get involved with what matters to them, to voice their opinions, and to learn from each other.

House System

Using our Advisory groups as the foundation, Cannon School has a House system (like Harry Potter) that helps to increase the leadership opportunities, engage in competition, and celebrate the positive difference our young people make in our community. Our Houses are named for four of our core values (using their Latin translations): Integritas, Humanitas, Impetus, and Animus. Each House has its own culture, leadership, and spirit. We use an elaborate system for tracking points and competing for the esteemed Gossage Cup.

Humanitas Shield
Animus Shield

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Program seeks to bring our students, campus, and community together in such a way that we meet important community needs. Students have a variety of ways and vehicles in which they can do this. Through their athletic team, as part of a club experience such as Service Through Art, or with a grade or House service project. Cannon hopes to educate our young people to become the stewards of positive change for the future.


In a world where principle-based leadership is rare, we feel it is imperative to not only provide opportunities to lead, but to teach our students how to lead. Cannon School has an intentional four-year leadership program with a variety of engaging speakers and opportunities.

Meet the Upper School Deans

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