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School Counseling

Winterm - Mindfulness and Meditation

Mission Statement

Our mission as school counselors at Cannon School is to empower and support students from Junior Kindergarten through twelfth grade in their personal, social, and emotional development. We are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment where every student can thrive, discover their potential, and achieve their goals. As members of the Student Support Team we work in collaboration with Learning Specialists, Administration, and families to promote emotional well-being, character development, and a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to nurturing resilient, confident, and compassionate individuals who are prepared to embrace their future with purpose

What We Do

Meet Our School Counselors

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Learn More About Cannon Life

Our Student Life Program is a hallmark of the educational and relational experience at Cannon School. Each division offers exciting opportunities to be more fully engaged both inside and outside the classroom.

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Cannon School's After School Program (ASP) provides students in grades JrK - 8 with a safe, nurturing environment. Students have the opportunity to receive assistance with their homework, play sports, participate in art activities, cook, discover and explore nature, and experience cultivating and observing our garden.

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Beyond the Bell offers a collection of extracurricular enrichment programs for Lower, Middle and Upper School students. 

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The Cougars' Den carries school supplies; clothing items and athletic apparel; Lower School coordinated dress shirts, pants, and skirts; gifts; and other necessities. .

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Parents at Cannon is a dynamic group of four parent volunteer organizations that enhance campus life for our students, parents, faculty, and staff. Each PAC group specializes in supporting a particular area of our school community.  

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