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Episode 106: Let's Ask Kate: Self-Study Conversations

Just when you thought they had opted for a new digital medium, Bill Diskin and Fabio Hurtado return with their first Cannon Conversations podcast of 2019. In this episode, we welcome Cannon’s Self-Study Co-Chair and Associate Director of Admission, Kate Weinstock. This is also the first-ever podcast to be recorded in one take, with no edits, so tune in to hear the uncensored conversation!

Episode 105: Cannon's Bus Drivers

Step right up! Join us as we interview the heart and soul of Cannon's Transportation Department, our dedicated bus drivers. Bill and Fabio board several buses, unrehearsed and unannounced, to get the scoop on what it is like to begin and end each day driving Cannon School's students to and from campus.

Episode 104: How does a school prepare for a new year?

We are back for a second (school) year of Cannon Conversations. And we launch it with Episode 104: How does a school prepare for a new year? Bill Diskin and Fabio Hurtado take a walk through a few of the new and renovated (“new to us”) spaces two weeks before school begins. We hear from people on campus ending things (summer camp) and those preparing for new starts (teachers, college counselors, deans). Join us as we shift gears into a new year and allow you experience it before it begins!

Episode 103: Chance Encounters

Hosts Bill Diskin and Fabio Hurtado take the podcast mic on an impromptu walk through Cannon’s campus. Come along as they encounter an assortment of interesting people on their journey: Junior Kindergarten teacher Rendi Powers introduces “Petite Polar Play-Doh”; The Cat in the Hat celebrates Dr. Suess Day; Middle School students work on their 20% Projects; Chef Craig describes the Dining Hall's daily gourmet menu; Upper School Librarian Mark Kmidowski shares the latest book titles (two of which are authored by Cannon faculty), US History faculty plan for the new Advanced Topics in U.S. History course, and more. Listen as Cannon’s mission statement is brought to life through these casual conversations.

Episode 102: Academic Dean Kellen Graham

How do we arrive at what we teach and learn as part of a complete curriculum at Cannon? What qualities make a teacher great? What is the nature of how much content knowledge a modern student has to confront? And can we still root for the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs without Carson Wentz? These, and other questions, about education and academics, confront Dr. Kellen Graham, Upper School Academic Dean. Hear Kellen’s thoughtful responses as Bill Diskin and Fabio Hurtado interview him for Cannon Conversations’ second podcast.

Episode 101: The Dilworth Sessions

In this podcast, Bill Diskin and Fabio Hurtado sit down to give you the official never before released behind the scenes look at the journey they took when Head of School Matt Gossage asked them to write the first drafts of what would become our school’s new mission statement from a vast collection of responses and ideas gathered from students, teachers, parents and other members of the Cannon community. Bill and Fabio share the secrets behind the “Dilworth Sessions”. Enjoy!

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