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Daily Athletics Update

From the NCISAA State Office:  
Unfortunately, effectively immediately, the 2020 Spring Season has officially been canceled.  I regret to inform you that there will be no regular season activities, playoffs or championships.  We will not have Spring 2020 all-state teams, nor will there be Wells Fargo Cup winners.   

Welcome to Cannon Athletics!

Athletics offer unique opportunities to be part of something bigger than one’s self. Life lessons
and learning opportunities abound beyond the x’s and o’s. Sports require athletes to plan and
prepare as well as adapt at a moment’s notice. Success and failure are both equally abundant
and valuable in the development of any athlete. The process of preparation, or “the grind,” as
we like to refer to it, requires commitment, effort, passion, accountability, and trust because of
how far it pushes an athlete beyond his or her comfort zone. However, persevering the grind
with teammates and coaches who are equally committed is an experience like none other.

Cannon Athletics is not just about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We strive to
honor and celebrate the hours and hours of hard work that go into making ourselves better,
making our teammates better, and making our teams better. We emphasize competing
together, taking care of each other, playing the game the right way, and having fun!

Student-athletes at Cannon are fortunate to play for coaches who are well-respected within our
conference as well as across the state. Our coaches have a deep understanding of their sport,
can clearly communicate strategy and game plan, and more importantly, are fully invested in
the lives of their student-athletes. It is often said, “A coach will impact more people in one year
than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” I believe that our coaches aspire to and very
successfully live out this responsibility.

In my twelve years teaching, advising, and coaching at Cannon, and Rod’s seventeen years of
teaching, coaching, and serving as a constant in this Athletics Department, we have come to
view Cannon more as a home and a family than just a place to work. Both Rod and I understand
how Cannon Athletics has developed through the years, and we are humbled to serve this
community in leading the Athletics Department into the future.

We encourage you to get involved in Cannon Athletics as a student-athlete, volunteer, or simply
as a fan! We look forward to seeing you throughout the year as we all work together in making
Cannon Athletics the best it can be.

Go Cougars!

Russ Campbell
Interim Director of Athletics for Strategy and General Oversight

Rod Rachal
Interim Director of Athletics for Operations

We Are Cannon Athletics:

Cannon Athletics Twitter @CannonCougarAD

    • Interim Director of Athletics for Strategy and General Oversight

      Russ Campbell

      Interim Director of Athletics for Strategy and General Oversight

    • Interim Director of Athletics for Operations

      Rod Rachal

      Interim Director of Athletics for Operations

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