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CPAC Theater

Welcome to your source for all the information you need regarding Cannon Theater Company! Rehearsal schedules and important links will be posted here, along with FAQs, special events, and ticket information.

Audition Information for CTC: 2023-2024

Now is the time to sign up for auditions for Cannon Theater Company’s winter musical “Into The Woods” by following these three steps!

Step 1: Sign up here for a 90-minute Saturday morning audition on September 9 or September 16 in the CPAC.

Step 2: Prepare for your audition by clicking here for audition instructions and materials.

Step 3: Fill out this audition form BEFORE your audition date, which will also answer a lot of the questions you may have about schedule, commitment, etc.

Not sure about auditioning? Talk to someone you know who does theater and/or talk to me! I’m happy to email or meet to discuss any questions.

See you there!

Mr. Macdonald

General Audition Information for CTC

What happens at the audition?

During the first hour you'll learn, practice, and perform some choreography. The second two hours will focus on singing and acting. You will practice the singing in groups but then audition singing alone. For the acting portion, you'll practice and audition in groups of two or three. 

Do I need to prepare?

Even though your audition will include time for review and practice, it is to your competitive advantage to prepare. Cannon’s Director of Theater Arts Mr. Macdonald typically sends out audition instructions and materials ahead of time to those who sign up.

Is there a form we have to fill out?

Yes, but we’ll typically have that for you at the audition. 

I have more questions.

Great! Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Macdonald at with any and all questions.


Cannon Theater Company FAQs

A Peek Behind the Curtain - Cannon Theater Company

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