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Arts Vision Statement

Cannon School believes the Arts are essential. Our JrK to Grade 12 program inspires students to love art, to explore its many forms and to become driven, innovative thinkers.

We aim to create for our students educational experiences that combine dedicated hard work and freedom to play, inviting them into art study and practice as both a rigorous and fulfilling endeavor. Our talented faculty members commit to providing optimal environments for student growth, which include space and time for self-expression and reflection as students work on mastering fundamental skills.

Visual arts, music and theater classes at Cannon challenge students to dive deeply into risky and rewarding processes wherein they can learn through doing, trying, and yes–from failing–in safe, supportive spaces. Within those spaces our students discover how to use their unique creative voices to inspire others.

The Arts in Lower School

Our Lower School art program is based on a learner-directed model known as TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). Within this model, students are taught techniques, concepts, and how to use a variety of media.  Students then use this knowledge to create works of art that are meaningful to them. Student choice, interests, and autonomy are valued in the art room, where students learn not only how to work as artists, but they also learn 21st century skills such as how to be critical thinkers, risk-takers, problem-solvers, and collaborators.

The Arts in Middle School

Cannon School believes middle school students deserve a synergy of arts experiences as a way to foster multi-dimensional people, to provide students opportunities to explore and develop their own humanity, and for students to develop an independent artistic vision. Students are exposed to more than one art form as they are discovering who they are. This approach acknowledges that middle school students need choice as they have rapidly changing interests and ever-changing motivational levels. With a diverse exposure to many art forms, students and faculty grow together in many ways.

Arts Rotation for 5th and 6th Grade Students
The 5th-6th Grade rotation consists of Art, General Music, Theatre, and Small Group Lessons. During the Small Group Lessons students are allowed to explore more deeply the concepts taught in the chorus, band, and strings classes. They also are given more autonomy to ask questions, explore individual interests, and build on skills learned in the larger class.

The Arts in Upper School

The Arts in the Upper School seek to enrich the lives and expand the minds of students.  Creativity, empathy, and performance are essential to deep learning and developing successful leadership skills. We encourage students to work towards mastery in their chosen medium of self-expression. At Cannon School we are proud to offer Acting, Chorus, Concert Band, Creative Design & Engineering, Jazz Band, Media Arts, Media Productions, Music Technology, String Orchestra, Studio Art, and Theater Production.

Cannon School

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