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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Overview

Thank you for your interest in Cannon School's financial aid program. As outlined in the Financial Aid Purpose Statement and Priorities, Cannon School strives to make an independent school education available to families of various financial means.

Financial aid grants at Cannon are strictly need-based and are determined using the School and Student Services (SSS) application process. For helpful hints please refer to:

Cannon School adheres to the School and Student Services "Guiding Principles for Families" which recognizes that families bear the primary responsibility for financing their children’s education.

Please contact Director of Admission and Financial Aid  Bill Diskin with any questions about Cannon's Financial Aid process.

Affording a Cannon School Tuition

One of the many factors a family must evaluate when considering independent school for their child is the cost.  A monthly evaluation of your income and expenses can be helpful in determining the affordability of independent school. SSS provides these helpful resources:


Financial Aid Information Session Recording

Learn about the financial aid application process in this recorded information session with

Bill Diskin, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, and Hannah Holliway, Associate Director of Admission.


Recorded December 7, 2021


Financial Aid Application Procedures

Cannon School utilizes School and Student Services (SSS) to process all financial aid applications. This application and the required supporting documents assist Cannon School's Financial Aid Committee in determining a financial aid grant amount.

Follow the steps below to apply for financial aid.
Click on each step for detailed instructions and helpful links.

Financial Aid Application Procedure Checklist

First page of the PDF file: FinancialAidApplicationprocedureChecklist


Financial Aid Grants by Grade Level Examples

Cannon School is generally able to offer grants within the dollar ranges listed below to families who demonstrate need and qualify for a financial aid grant.


Student Grade Grant Range Examples
JrK - Grade 4 $1,000 - $7,000 A grade 4 student is offered and accepts a grant equal to $3000.  The tuition owed will equal the grade 4 tuition less the $3000 grant.
Grades 5 - 8  $1,000 - $9,000 A grade 7 student is offered and accepts a grant equal to $5,000.  The tuition owed will equal the grade 7 tuition less the $5,000 grant. 
Grades 9 - 12 $1,000 - $22,000 A grade 9 student is offered and accepts a grant equal to $9,000.  The tuition owed will equal the grade 9 tuition less the $9,000 grant.




Financial Aid Profiler

To find out if you might be eligible for financial aid, select your gross income range from the dropdown below. The number of students receiving financial aid, the grant range, and the average grant amount will then be displayed. The data presented is based on grants offered to students for 2021-2022.

Select Your Gross Income Range:

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