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Academic Coaching at Cannon

Our Mission

The mission of Academic Coaching at Cannon (ACC) is to support student growth and the development of lifelong learning strategies through intentional, focused programming that aims to improve overall academic standing. 

ACC is available during the school day to all Cannon Upper School students. Our coaches use a student-centered approach to cultivate a student’s ability to set goals, be accountable, manage time, organize, employ study skills, and become a self-advocate. 



What is Academic Coaching?

Watch this 2 1/2-minute video to learn about it.



Imperative to a student's success in the Academic Coaching at Cannon program is a willingness to engage fully with all available resources and learning opportunities. This coaching model encourages the individual student to drive aspects of their ACC experience and empowers them to take ownership of their learning.


At Cannon School, our Academic Coaches work in a relational 1:1 environment with students during each coaching session to build and strengthen executive functioning (EF) skills. These include: planning, organization, task initiation, flexibility, attention, self-control, metacognition, and more.


10 Executive Functioning Skills for Success



Our academic coaching sessions are customized based on identified areas of greatest need for each student, following an initial conversation between coach and student.

As a student develops and adds to their “EF toolbox,” they begin applying those skills to maximize their potential in every subject area.  For good habits to stick, a minimum of three sessions is recommended. Students schedule their appointments at convenient times via a shared online calendar.


Recommended Resources

Meet the Academic Coaches

Jessica Kulp

Jessica Kulp

Titles: Student Academic Support Coordinator
Jennifer Ridenhour

Jennifer Ridenhour

Titles: Upper School Associate Learning Specialist

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