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Welcome to Upper School!

Every morning, the halls of Cannon's Upper School echo with "cougar growls" as our community celebrates those students who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to our core values.
Students "Go Beyond" in myriad ways at Cannon. We offer a rigorous academic environment, competitive athletics, sophisticated arts, and a range of leadership and social opportunities. Every student is assisted in designing a personal program of study and extra-curricular activities that supports their interests, passions, and talents. Service learning connects students to the world around them. Cannon's 1:1 laptop program helps ensure that students are fluent with 21st century tools as they study our core curriculum.
While the Upper School has a successful track record of effectively preparing students for the rigors of the finest colleges and universities, we feel our mission is to prepare students for the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives in a future we cannot predict. To that end, we are deliberate about designing a program that empowers students to be self-governing, reflective, and accustomed to managing uncertainty. This adaptive expertise philosophy runs through academics, student life, and service-learning. It is a vision that inspires and compels.


Deb Otey
Head of Upper School


Winterm is a transformative and innovative one-week learning opportunity. It is a time to gain knowledge and develop passions by going beyond the boundaries of our Upper School academic curriculum.

Winterm is an opportunity for our students and faculty to come together in a non-traditional learning environment, with on-campus and off-campus course offerings, as well as domestic and international travel experiences designed around a love of learning and a passion for knowledge without the pressures and constraints of grades and assessment.

Cannon School

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