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Welcome to Middle School!

Our Middle School is alive with the incredible energy of our students and faculty. We strive for full engagement in the classroom, a sense of camaraderie and teamwork as we face challenges together, and a willingness to take risks and try new things.

We believe that through a strong partnership with families, we enable students to develop as learners, athletes, artists, and young people of character.

The academic program in Middle School emphasizes knowing yourself as a learner, using your strengths while improving weaknesses, and pushing yourself to achieve to your potential. Students support each other as they work toward excellence in the classroom, as collaboration is a hallmark of our Middle School philosophy. Teachers focus on process rather than product, deep learning of concepts as they work through content, and student ownership and choice in learning.

Our daily advisory program enables students to grow in confidence through the support of their peers and teachers. Throughout the week, students get help with organization, participate in discussions related to character and core values, and engage in advisory games and weekly trivia. We model balance for students and encourage them to "Go Beyond" in ways that fuel their passions while striving for academic excellence.

In addition, our students take advantage of many opportunities to thrive outside of the classroom. Seventh- and eighth- grade students participate in interscholastic athletics, and students at all grade levels can choose from various clubs, academic competition teams, and enrichment programs. Teachers work with students in building their time-management skills as they balance academic excellence with their co-curricular activities.


Carla Moyer
Head of Middle School 


You Belong in Middle School

Carla is a tremendous leader.  I am so grateful for how she continues to model and lead with integrity, agility, and empathy to all our children. I have four children spread out across all the three schools; Carla continuously goes above and beyond to advocate for them, and for that I am forever grateful.

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