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Lower School Students
Early Childhood: JrK and Kindergarten

Hallmarks of Early Childhood Education at Cannon School

At Cannon School, a strong early childhood education has been a benchmark of our school's philosophy since our founding in 1969. Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten are the foundation of a child's development and help set the stage for all future learning. Knowing this, our approach to these early years is purposeful, thoughtful, child-centered, and research-based.

Nurturing curiosity, cultivating autonomy, inspiring learning, and celebrating each child—
These are the hallmarks of the early childhood experience at Cannon School.

Early Childhood Program Overview: JrK & Kindergarten

What to look for:

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Explore Cannon's Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs

Students work towards becoming self-governing in Junior Kindergarten by progressively becoming more independent when completing workshops.

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In kindergarten, we focus and guide students to become confident communicators while being self-reliant and self-governing.

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