Welcome to Lower School

At Cannon, we firmly believe that the Lower School experience is the foundation for all learning. It is in these years when creating a positive, nurturing, and challenging yet supportive academic environment filled with rich educational opportunities built on a strong skill foundation is the key for developing lifelong learners who are risk-takers and critical thinkers, and who are also inquisitive and creative. We believe this is our primary mission, and we are dedicated to creating this for every child, every day.
In the Lower School, we stress academic excellence with a balance of enrichment opportunities as well as an emphasis on character development. We seek to create learning experiences that are focused on the cultivation of the whole child, that are student-centered, and are relevant to real life.
Our curriculum offers a variety of exciting, developmentally appropriate learning experiences and is designed to encourage each student to achieve his or her potential. Intellectual curiosity as well as a love of learning is developed in each child through in-class activities, co-curricular classes (science, music, library, art, physical education, and technology), and off-campus opportunities. Our small class sizes allow students to fully participate, accept responsibility, and develop independence. These class sizes also ensure strong student/teacher relationships and a keen understanding of the needs and abilities of each child. As students move through the Lower School, organizational and study skills are nurtured, and their academic as well as social responsibilities increase. In addition, students develop a stronger sense of self with a clear understanding of who they are as learners.


Michelle Alexander
Head of Lower School

Cannon School

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