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JrK - 2nd Grade: A Time of Varied Development Growth

Junior Kindergarten through Second Grade is a time of varied developmental growth.  The learning specialist supports teachers in these grades in identifying, supporting, and assessing students as needed.  Parents, teachers, counselors, and the learning specialist engage in regular communication regarding students who are having difficulty and may be displaying signs of a possible learning difference.  Together, the learning specialist, counselors, and teachers collaborate to differentiate and create interventions for teachers to use in the classroom.  At times, additional help may be needed and parents are able to independently contract with speech therapists, tutors, and other providers.

3rd-4th Grade: The Beginning of Self-Awareness

Learning support in Third and Fourth grades focuses on the beginning of self-awareness as a student.  Students are encouraged to understand their learning style and discover how they learn, study, and interact. Students are served by a team that consists of teachers, counselors, and the learning specialist.  This team works together to encourage students to self-advocate for themselves. 

Meet Jennifer Brooks

Jennifer joined the Cannon Lower School community as a third grade teacher in 2016 and moved into the Lower School Learning Specialist role in 2020. She holds a B.A. in History from Northwestern University, an M.A.T. in Elementary Education from Quinnipiac University, and an M.A.T. in Special Education from the University of St. Joseph. Jennifer has a true love of and passion for helping to meet the needs of all children as they discover their full potential.

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