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A Time of Varied Development Growth

JrK through 2nd grade is a time when varied developmental growth is typical and does not necessarily mean a student has or will have a diagnosable learning difference. At this division level, the JrK-2nd grade Learning Specialist helps teachers with identifying, supporting, and/or assessing students as needed. Additionally, there is regular communication with the LS/MS Learning Specialist providing updates regarding students who may be displaying signs of a possible learning difference and collaborating in creating differentiation interventions for teachers to use in the classroom.

Any student in the JrK – 2nd grader who is diagnosed with a learning difference and has documentation through a complete psychological/educational evaluation on file is eligible to receive learning accommodations according to the guidelines of our learning support program. The learning plan will be created by the JrK-2nd Grade Learning Specialist in collaboration with the LS/MS Learning Specialist to ensure continuity of support services.

Meet Tracy Wade

Lower School/Middle School Learning Specialist
and Lower School Dean of Academic Support

Tracy joined Cannon School in 1993 and has taught in Lower and Middle School. In 2014, Tracy moved into the position of Lower School/Middle School Learning Specialist and the following year also became the Lower School Dean of Academic Support. Tracy holds a BA in Special Education from UNCC and a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University. Tracy and her husband Mike live in the Charlotte area and are parents to Cannon alumni Hailey ’12 and Brandon ’15. 

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