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A Time of Varied Development Growth

JrK through 2nd grade is a time when varied developmental growth is typical and does not necessarily mean a student has or will have a diagnosable learning difference. At this division level, the Reading Specialist/JrK-2nd grade Learning Specialist helps teachers with identifying, supporting, and/or assessing students as needed. Additionally, there is regular communication with the LS/MS Learning Specialist providing updates regarding students who may be displaying signs of a possible learning difference and collaborating in creating differentiation interventions for teachers to use in the classroom.

Any student in the JrK – 2nd grader who is diagnosed with a learning difference and has documentation through a complete psychological/educational evaluation on file is eligible to receive learning accommodations according to the guidelines of our learning support program. The learning plan will be created by the JrK-2nd Grade Learning Specialist in collaboration with the LS/MS Learning Specialist to ensure continuity of support services.

Meet Barbara Falkenbury

JrK - 2nd Grade Learning Specialist & Reading Specialist

Barbara joined the staff of Cannon in 2000 as the Reading Specialist. She has a BS in Elementary Education from Buffalo State and MS in Reading from Canisius College and has taken post-graduate classes in special education. She and her husband John are the proud parents of Cannon alumni, Jamey ’03 and Catherine ’06.

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