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The Beginning of Self-awareness

Learning support in grades 3-8 focuses on the beginning of self-awareness as a student. Students are encouraged to understand their learning style and discover how they learn, study, and interact. Students are served by a team that is comprised of teachers, advisor, dean, counselor, and learning specialist. The team works to encourage students to use their accommodations as well as to self-advocate. Students are made aware of their accomodations in one of two ways; parents may share the plan with the student, or the student and parents can meet with the learning specialist. The choice is based on parental preference, student readiness, and development.

At times, additional help may be needed and parents are able to independently contract with speech therapists, tutors, homework coaches, and other providers who are invited to work on our campus.

At the heart of this stage in learning support is the goal of encouraging students to embrace their learning difference and realize that everyone learns differently.

Meet Tracy Wade

Lower School/Middle School Learning Specialist
and Lower School Dean of Academic Support

Tracy joined Cannon School in 1993 and has taught in Lower and Middle School. In 2014, Tracy moved into the position of Lower School/Middle School Learning Specialist and the following year also became the Lower School Dean of Academic Support. Tracy holds a BA in Special Education from UNCC and a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University. Tracy and her husband Mike live in the Charlotte area and are parents to Cannon alumni Hailey ’12 and Brandon ’15. 

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