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International Programs

Our Mission

The mission of the International Program at Cannon School is to promote global competency by broadening the experiences of students through travel, summer exchange, study, and service; to provide an avenue for thinking globally and acting locally; to develop a culture that encourages individual summer exchange and group travel.

Trips and Exchanges

The purposes of trips and exchanges include:

  • Develop global competency
  • Cultural exchange
  • Practice a foreign language
  • Student exchange immersion
  • Historical perspectives
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Personal growth
  • Service opportunity
  • Earn the Global Studies Certificate
  • Global Studies competitions
Current families may contact Dr. Sylvia Simard-Newman, Upper School Coordinator of Global Studies, for more information on upcoming travel abroad opportunities for the academic school year. Also, peruse the many domestic and international enrichment programs listed in Family Connections, and visit the College Counseling PowerSchool Enrichment Programs pages.

Global Studies Certificate

The aim of the Global Studies Certificate is to provide recognition for students who are globally minded and show the qualities of a global citizen. They have completed World History I and II, World Language I and II and the three requirements listed in the link below to obtain the certificate during Senior Night.

Please review these requirements for the Global Studies Certificate.

Cannon School Teacher Global Education Badge Program

Teachers have the opportunity to earn the Global Education Badge if they complete at least 100 hours of professional development in global studies and a Capstone on a global issue such as creating a new Winterm, a new unit in a year-long course or organizing a student travel abroad program. The badge is sponsored and supported by the North Carolina Global Education Benchmark Group. Each teacher displays their badge on his/her classroom door.

The following teachers are recipients of the Global Education Badge:

Dr. Simard-Newman
Claudia Velandia
Lirong Wang

Melissa Fox
Mike Hoffman
Mark Kmidowski
Stephanie Ranson
John Riley

Jady Arriaga
Laura Huffman
Heather Oswald
Aimee Pfitzner

Natalie Legra
Ellen Loflin
Keith West

Program Coordinator

For more information, please contact Upper School Coordinator of Global Studies Dr. Sylvia Simard-Newman.

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