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Decision Day 2023
Information for College Representatives

Plan Your In-Person OR Virtual Visit to Cannon School

Cannon School offers the choice for representatives to visit our campus in-person or via Zoom.

Please use our SCOIR link to check dates and times available for meetings and to schedule your 30-minute visit. If you are not yet registered with SCOIR you will be prompted to set up a free account before you can schedule your visit.

  • If your preference is to visit in-person, simply follow the directions provided in SCOIR.
  • If your preference is to visit via Zoom:

1.     You will need to sign up for your preferred date/time on SCOIR as an in-person visit. (This is a current limitation of the SCOIR platform.)

2.     Once you have selected a time, please email the Cannon College Counseling Team to confirm you prefer to visit virtually via Zoom, and we will notify students to attend your visit via Zoom. All virtual rep visits will take place in our Cannon College Counseling Zoom room.

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