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Character development at Cannon School begins in junior kindergarten and continues throughout each student’s educational experience. Our emphasis on teamwork, respect, and integrity reinforces the meaningful, age-appropriate community service projects our students undertake and helps them understand the consequences of their actions.

Lower School

Lower School students, beginning with junior kindergarten, participate in a variety of activities designed to foster the values of honesty, respect, character, and service to others. Each month, students visit nursing homes and hospitals and become reading mentors to young children. Character development guidance classes, morning reflective time, and United Way participation benefits every Lower School class. Cannon School's core values – courage, teamwork, respect, integrity, passion, and kindness – are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Middle School

Cannon's Middle School strives to create and maintain an environment in which students continuously learn the value of responsibility, respect, acceptance, and integrity. Throughout the Middle School, each grade level fully engages in a community outreach program with the goal of empowering students to take responsibility and make a difference in their community throughout the academic year. Through the unique grade level activities, students are able to learn firsthand how to accept others who may be different from them as well as how to respect and embrace individual differences. The community outreach program is an ideal way for students to explore the concept of integrity and understand the important role integrity plays in helping their community. Even more regularly, all Middle School students engage in relevant character lessons once a week during their morning advisory. These lessons are led by the advisor and can range from topics such as diversity and acceptance to peer relationships. Regardless, they are dynamic lessons that are relevant to what is going on in Middle School and the lives of our students.

Upper School

Upper School students are committed to educating themselves about the needs of others and then acting to meet those needs through service. They are asked several times throughout the year to participate in outreach activities, many of which are connected to an annual service theme designated for each grade level, such as understanding homelessness or knowing the elderly. These themes are emphasized in the academic curriculum. Students are also encouraged to arrange and perform service hours on their own initiative. In addition, students participate in an essential honor program, in which they pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal.

Cannon School

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