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Technology Labs

Students have access to a variety of technology throughout the school day. Additionally, there are several “high-tech” areas on campus that are used to enhance the educational experience, including the IDEA Hub and the ThinkTank.

The Lower School "IDEA Hub"

The Lower School Library and Computer Lab have morphed into a collaborative, creative and energetic space called the IDEA Hub. In the IDEA Hub, books, media and technology merge to encourage hands-on discovery, learning, and creating. Students focus on integrated, cross-curricular units of study and aim for experiences that develop deep connections to stories, information, and the world around them.

Students utilize multiple forms of technology such as Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and the IDEA Wall for visual thinking, brainstorming and designing. The Green Screen provides the capacity to film in front of any background students choose, and the Production Studio allows students to record audio in a quiet space.

The Middle School "ThinkTank"

The recently constructed, state-of-the-art ThinkTank is a place which literally puts cutting-edge technology into the hands - and minds - of Middle School students. The lab integrates science, technology, engineering, and math with media arts and academics, empowering students to become creative problem-solvers who can practice critical-thinking skills across a range of disciplines. It is equipped with circuitry, 3-D printers, sensors, a green screen, iPads, iMacs, and Chromebooks. This gives students an outlet to explore project-based learning in areas such as computer graphics and simulation, robotics, multimedia, and coding.

Learn more about our ThinkTank by reading this article from Cannon Magazine.

The Upper School Technology and Design Studio

    • Upper School Technology and Design Studio

      Upper School Technology and Design Studio

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of our new Upper School Technology and Design Studio Space, which is currently planned to take place during the 2018-2019 school year. In the 5000-square-foot facility, plans are for students to have access to fabrication tools such as CNC Machines, laser cutters, and routers; a full suite of woodworking tools; electronics and soldering equipment; 3D printers; sewing machines; and a number of painting, finishing, and aesthetic design materials. Also on site is space for a fully updated dual-boot Mac and Windows computer lab, and a music & audio recording suite. Students will be able to take the skills developed in Lower and Middle School and unleash them on projects in a fully equipped MakerSpace. It is our goal to be able to allow any Cannon student to imagine, design, and build anything they dream of - using skills they learn in the process.

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