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Lower School Students
Mission, Vision, and Values


Cannon School nurtures relationships at the heart of learning and engages the learner in a journey of growth.



Cannon School envisions a world of wholehearted and adaptive contributors.



Courage:  Willingness to take risks, be innovative, and embrace change
Integrity:  Knowing and doing what is right
Passion:  Enthusiasm for excellence

Respect:  Valuing self as you do others, their differences and their property
Teamwork:  Cooperating, communicating, and collaborating to achieve a common goal
Kindness:  Taking the time to care for others

Our core values guide us in how we treat each other and live together as a community. 


These two simple words say everything about a Cannon School education. They go right to the heart of the school’s passion for excellence and readiness to embrace change. They speak to our students' desire to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and exceed expectations in all that they do. They encapsulate the myriad ways that teachers inspire in their students a lifelong love of learning. Our school motto uses the mission statement and our core values as its base and captures the spirit and energy that inspire faculty, students, staff, and parents at Cannon.

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