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Cannon School has reached a magnificent milestone—our 50th anniversary as a school.

Throughout 2019-2020, we will celebrate Cannon’s 50th anniversary with special events on campus and in our surrounding communities. We will share bits of Cannon's history through photo-essays, stories, and videos.

We hope you enjoy learning along with us!

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Special Thanks to the 50th Anniversary Committee

Joan Ankrom Leah Hartsell Maryanna Ter Poorten
Michelle Balsbough James Hartsell Jon Ter Poorten
Alice Bragg Brink Jones Nehal Thakkar
Benton Bragg Maya Kellman Laurin Titus
Sarah Busby Nichole Majors Cindi VanWingerden
Holli Delaney Anne Morrison Rebeccah Wickerham
John Easton Siobhán Peterson
Blake Evans Alan Springate

Cannon School

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