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About Cannon

Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission Statement

Cannon School nurtures relationships at the heart of learning and engages the learner in a journey of growth.

The Cannon School community celebrated the unveiling of our new mission statement in 2017. It is the culmination of an intentional, inclusive, and inspiring process that involved Cannon's administration, trustees, faculty, staff, students, and parents. Throughout this process, we asked ourselves questions about our purpose, our motivation, and our legacy.

We believe that this new statement is a clarification of who we are as a school community—one that nurtures all relationships in order to engage each individual learner in finding his or her own path to growth.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary as a school community throughout 2019-2020, we look forward to living out our mission statement with Cannon families and friends in support of this incredible generation of young people.

Fundamental Vision

The Cannon School community has the responsibility to prepare students for a world that promises to be unpredictable. Our goal is to equip this next generation with habits of the mind and spirit that will provide them with an expertise to confront new situations and overcome new challenges with a steadfast resolve. In this preparation, we want our students to develop an ethical center and to be at home with diversity. We fully believe students graduating from Cannon will help our nation and our world become a better place.

Cannon's fundamental vision honors the school's mission by specifically addressing the question, "What can Cannon contribute now to the good of society?"

Core Values

Courage:  Willingness to take risks, be innovative, and embrace change
Integrity:  Knowing and doing what is right
Passion:  Enthusiasm for excellence
Respect:  Valuing self as you do others, their differences and their property
Teamwork:  Cooperating, communicating, and collaborating to achieve a common goal
Kindness:  Taking the time to care for others

Our core values guide us in how we treat each other and live together as a community.

School Motto

Go Beyond. These two simple words say everything about a Cannon School education. They go right to the heart of the school’s passion for excellence and readiness to embrace change. They speak to our students' desire to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and exceed expectations in all that they do. They encapsulate the myriad ways that teachers inspire in their students a lifelong love of learning. Our school motto uses the mission statement and our core values as its base and captures the spirit and energy that inspire faculty, students, staff, and parents at Cannon.

Cannon School

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