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School Publications

Cannon Magazine is Cannon School's semiannual magazine

Current issue: Spring 2015
Cannon Magazine Archive
Spring 2013
  • "Building Bright Futures: Investing in Excellence, Fulfilling the Vision" : Learn about the $7 million campaign that will develop our campus and our students.
  • "Being in the Middle" : Creating identity for the Middle School and our students.
  • "Parent Ambassadors Go Beyond for Cannon School" : Cannon parents are crucial to enrollment efforts.
Summer 2012
  • "Experimental Experience": Students become adaptive experts during a new hands-on learning experience.
  • "Hitting the Right Notes": Cannon's honored jazz combo thrives in "open space."
  • "Embracing Excellence": Cannon's new athletic director sees success as a journey, not a destination.
Winter 2012
  • "Building Priorities": Cannon School lays a foundation for innovative classrooms and a transformed campus.
  • "Learned Helpfulness": Students discover the intersection between their passions and the needs of others.
  • "Believe in Heroes": Middle School students get an up-close look at what makes a hero.
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