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Admission Procedures

Enrollment Application Process

Cannon School accepts students without regard to race, religion, sex, or national origin. The following is required to complete your admission process:

Step 1
: School tours are required for all interested families. Please contact the Admission Office at 704-721-7199 to schedule a tour.

Step 2
: Completed application, with a $90 nonrefundable fee, will be accepted within one year prior to the desired enrollment date.

Step 3
: Teacher Recommendations are to be completed by the appropriate teachers and mailed directly to Cannon School.

Step 4
: Parent Observation/Questionnaire Form is to be completed by the parent and submitted with the application.

Step 5
: Student Questionnaire and writing sample (for 5th – 12th grade candidates only).

Step 6
: Transcript Release Requests should be signed by the parents and given to the previous school, permitting the school to forward transcripts and standardized testing reports to Cannon.

Step 7
: Entrance Evaluations are required for all candidates.

Step 8
: Student visits Cannon School.

Step 9
: Cannon School will send the results of the admission process and an invitation of acceptance, if applicable, to you.

Admission to Lower School

Evaluation by Admission staff, Lower School head, and/or teachers may include developmental readiness, aptitude, and achievement measures. This process also may include an observation of the candidate in a Cannon School classroom. Additionally, Cannon School may request to observe the candidate in his or her current pre-school or school setting.

Admission to Middle or Upper School

Candidates take the Independent School Entrance Exam and visit at Cannon for a day. Admission decisions are made when the entire application process is complete.