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International Programs

International Student Program

Cannon School typically enrolls ten international students in the Upper School each year.  These students come to Cannon from a variety of countries and spend a year living with Cannon School families – getting a first-hand look at the American experience!
Families interested in hosting an international student for a semester or a year should contact the admission office at 704-721-7199 or to learn more.

In most cases, host families receive monthly stipends to cover the cost of hosting an international student. View the New Oasis International Education Homestay 360 flyer to learn more.
International students interested in applying to Cannon School should contact:

New Oasis International Education, Inc.
607 Herndon Parkway, Suite 210
Herndon, Virginia 20170 USA

Telephone: 703.429.4664 | Fax: 703.439.2668

Cannon School does not enroll international students who are not registered with an approved international student placement agency.
Contact Mr. William Diskin, Director of Admission, at for additional information.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Host Families are listed below. To view the answer, simply click on the question.
FAQ's for Host Families
Q. Can we host a student for just a semester?
A. We can arrange for host families to host for a semester or a full academic year. There are also opportunities for families to host an international student for a weekend or a week at a time.

Q. Are host families responsible for paying a visiting student's tuition or living expenses?
A. No. Visiting students are responsible for paying all school-related expenses, including: tuition, lunch costs, bus transportation costs, book fees, testing fees, athletic fees, field trip costs, etc. Host families are expected to provide breakfast, dinner, and a comfortable space to sleep.

Q. Do host families have to transport the visiting student to and from school each day?
A. No. Visiting students can ride the Cannon School bus. We recommend that your visiting student travel to and from school the same way your own children do. The goal is to have the visiting student fully immersed in the experience of being part of your family and part of the Cannon School community.

Q. Can visiting international students drive a car while they are visiting?
A. No. Visiting students do not have permission to operate motor vehicles during their stay with a host family.

Q. What if we do not get along with our visiting student?
A. International students at Cannon come with the full support of an approved international student placement agency. The local representative of the agency will work closely with each host family to monitor the experience and to address any problems or concerns. If a situation became uncomfortable or unbearable for either the family or the visiting student, we would find alternative arrangements for the visiting student.